Сompare the cost-effectiveness

On the left is the price for hiring one employee using the traditional model, and on the right is our unique subscription model.
Choose the service for your needs
You can begin with the 1st plan and upgrade at any time with payment adjusted immediately.
Classic model
  • Separate payment for each candidate, suitable for one-time hires.
  • Fixed price (agreed upon before the start, no percentage).
  • Perfect for recruiting Senior+ and Executives.
Package model
  • One fee for 3 or more vacancies per quarter or identical vacancies.
  • Low total cost for multiple positions (20% discount).
  • Flexible payment process.
Subscription Model
  • Monthly regular payment for all types of positions.
  • Best for long-term collaboration.
  • Support for hiring projects:
    • Full cycle recruitment
    • Assisting hiring managers in preparing for interviews
    • Content creation for the HR brand
    • ATS, HRIS, Payroll and analytics administration
  • Low total cost in perspective for 4 months and beyond.
Explore our features
We leverage our deep understanding of the market and years of expertise to provide unparalleled value to our clients and candidates.
  • 1
    We're diversifying the search, not just sending candidates who would respond on their own.
  • 2
    We have a flexible business model to address a wide range of tasks tailored to various needs.
  • 3
    We're developing a community around your brand and assisting in shaping a talent pool.
  • 4
    We build transparent process via Asana or your tool.
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